Pay Dues Online

Tired of writing and mailing checks?  If so, you can now pay HOA dues online.  
The Delaware Highlands Homes Association has acquired the services of Dues Payment Online (DPO).  DPO is a third party online paying service that allows the association to accept electronic payments, for a fee, to all members of the association.   While the association has made arrangements to provide this service, no fees go to the association.  If you have any issues with your payment processing, please contact DPO at 866-289-5977.
Payments may be made by credit card, debit card, or e-check.  In order to make your online payment, you will need to create a free User Account with DPO and know your balance due.  This information is printed on your dues invoice or contact Homes Association Solutions at (913) 825-0001. DPO will charge you a convenience fee for each online transaction (at varying fees for different payment methods). 
To start this process, simply click on the DPO icon below and follow their instructions!